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29 February, 15:57

The conferences will be held at the Edifici de Zoologia. Unless stated otherwise, the research group seminars will be held at the old building of the Museum of Zoology.

Upcoming Events
  • 3rd Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology
    The 3rd Joint Congress on...
    17 July, 22:00 - 29 July, 22:00
  • 24th European Congress of Arachnology24th
    Rennes, France
    25 August, 22:00 - 29 August, 22:00

Past Events

Iberian Congress of Systematic Biology-CISA 2023
This is the fifth edition of CISA, with the past editions organized by the Autonomous University of Madrid (Madrid, 2012), the University of Barcelona (Barcelona, 2013), the University of the Basque Country (Vitoria, 2015) and the IMEDEA and the University of the Balearic Islands (Palma de Mallorca, 2018). CISA meetings are fantastic opportunities for researchers involved in the study of evolutionary biology in the Iberian Peninsula to discuss, exchange, and debate ideas, as well as to establish long-lasting collaborations. These meetings have also been remarkable seed banks for postdoctoral endeavours, and the perfect substrate to build strong and skilled research groups within a regional scale. However, the COVID pandemic put a halt to their development for longer than expected (last was in 2018). Therefore, one of the main aims of this symposium is allowing the 'reconnection' of Iberian senior researchers, early career researchers and PhD students with a focus on evolutionary biology and systematics in their research, while having fun in the remarkable city life of Madrid.
Date: 2023-10-23 9:00:00
Biennial Meeting of the Spanish Society of Evolutionary Biology
The IX Meeting of the Spanish Society for Evolutionary Biology, SESBE 2024, will include a wide variety of topics of evolutionary biology including population genetics, molecular evolution, evolutionary development, phylogenetics and phylogenomics, and palaebiology, among others. SESBE2024 will make an effort to incorporate other important areas less represented in previous editions, such as scientific outreach. SESBE2024 will also bring together top keynote speakers of different areas, both young and senior, as well as contributed scientific communications (oral and poster) and will provide an excellent atmosphere to meet and discuss with colleagues, as well as give you the opportunity to visit the exuberant Sun Coast area where Málaga is located
Date: 2024-01-17 0:00:00

The loss of biodiversity and the deterioration of natural ecosystems are among the most significant challenges that societies face today. Biodiversity plays a vital role in the functioning of ecosystems that ultimately provide services such as food, water, and energy resources to human societies. It is also essential to consider the ethical aspects of conservation and the emotional well-being associated with the integration of societies with their natural environment. ZOOSYSEVO is well-equipped to contribute to addressing the social challenge posed by the overexploitation of natural systems and ensuring their conservation and sustainable management, thanks to our combined expertise and capacity.

Responsible Research and Innovation